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11 Cold Call Scripts for Cleaning Business for Different Situations

11 Cold Call Scripts for Cleaning Business

Boosting your success in cold calling isn’t just about dialing numbers; it’s about crafting a personalized pitch that genuinely connects. Despite the skeptical claiming cold calling is a thing of the past, businesses can see their B2B success rates increase by up to 10.01% with the right approach.

Even if you can have just five minutes of engaging conversation, your conversion rates could rise by 50%. But here’s the catch – to keep your prospect hooked, you need a pitch that speaks directly to their needs and matches their current situation.

So, forget about one-size-fits-all scripts that leave both you and your customers feeling irritated. It’s time to personalize the approach! Ready to dive into 11 cold call scripts for cleaning businesses for different situations.

1. First-time Inquiry (Residential Or Commercial)

Here is a cold calling script for a cleaning business that will be the same for every first-time inquiry. The introduction will be very concise and include detailed information about you and your company’s service.

Scenario 1:

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your company]. How are you today? I was hoping to catch a moment of your time. Is this a good moment for you?”

Pause for their answer; hopefully, they say “yes.”

“That’s wonderful to hear. I’m reaching out because we offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for [Residential/commercial] spaces in your area, and I thought of you. May I ask if you’ve recently considered professional cleaning services for your [Home/office]?”

If the prospect shows interest, you need to highlight your company service or products and the budget range and try to schedule a meeting.

“Great! Currently, we are offering [Highlight your company cleaning service and product]. Could you share what specific cleaning needs you have or what you expect from a cleaning service? It will help me understand how we can best serve you. We also ensure that we are customized to each client’s needs, whether it’s regular maintenance, deep cleaning, or specialized services. Do you have a few more minutes to discuss? Or, I would like to meet with you for about 15 minutes to discuss what we can do for you according to your needs. Would next [Day] at [Time] be a good time to meet?”

Scenario 2:

Since this is the first time you are interacting with the client, these few seconds will decide if the client is going to stay or not. Instead of going for a generic intro, mention their pain points and give a solution, or mention someone related to him to whom you already give service.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your company]. How are you today? We were researching businesses that need cleaning services and came across you. Would you like to engage in some further discussion so I can show you how our business can best help you?”

For first-time interaction, it would take some extra work to convince the prospect to set an appointment or take your service. But you need to ensure you highlight the best services as well as the feedback from your ex-clients.

2. Handling Price Concerns

Price concerns are very common for every client, and you need to portray your service as more valuable than the price. Try to understand the budget considerations of your client, then offer services to them aligned with their need.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company]. How are you today? I was hoping to catch a moment of your time. Is this a good moment for you?”

The prospect would reply positively, and you need to tell them about your service packages with a price range. Those who would be concerned with their budget would tell you. They may even say they do not want to take the service. Pitch cleaning business cold calling script them like this,

“I totally understand that budget is a must consideration, and it’s important to get the best value for your investment in cleaning services. At [Your company], we’re committed to offering competitive pricing in our cleaning service without compromising on the quality of our work. May I know what budget range you had in mind?”

The client will state their budget, and you need to find out which of your services meets the budget range so you can mention them in your pitch.

“We offer various packages according to different needs and budgets [Mention the packages]. We also customize a cleaning to fit your specific budget and requirements. Try some of our options so you can better know which works within your budget.”

If the client is still struggling with the budget, your cold calling script is like this,

“Well, we appreciate your concern and do not want any of our customers to leave only for budget issues. Let me help you by seeing what features you do not need right now. It will cut off the extra budget; still, you can get all the essential facilities.”

Continue your script as if the budget is not the main concern, and you will try your best to provide a cleaning service that fits the client’s budget. This is a way you can make your client happy and satisfied.

3. The Prospect Is Currently Using Another Service

In case the prospect is already using another cleaning service, then your cleaning business cold calling script should portray your service as more appealing and beneficial. This will also work as a psychological tactic. You have to show what additional benefits the client can get. Do not react when you hear about the service; rather, politely appreciate it.

“Hello, my name is [Your Name] with [Your Cleaning Company]. We specialize in cleaning [Specific Industry] spaces. Do you currently use a cleaning service at [Company Name]?”

The prospect will share if they are using another service or not.

“I appreciate you sharing that with me, [Prospect’s Name]. It’s great to hear you understand the value of professional cleaning services. But is the service giving you everything you need, and what services have you tried?”

Listen to the prospects carefully and note down important points.

“Got it, but if I tell you we have more to offer you, and I am pretty sure our offerings will help you overcome your [Mention the particular pain point]. Isn’t it something your current service is lacking? Give me some minutes to give you a quick rundown of our product. It will help you make a decision when it is time to renew your present service.”

Pause and wait for the prospect’s response.

“At [Your Company], we focus on [Highlight a unique selling proposition, eco-friendly products, customized cleaning plans, superior customer service], something that sets us apart. [Suggest a brief overview]. How about we schedule a consultation to discuss how we can add value or perhaps provide a complimentary cleaning service trial to show our commitment?”

If the client agrees to take your service or the trial, then set appointments according to available dates.

4. The Prospect Is Hesitant Or Lacks Trust

If you are cold-calling a prospect, chances are they do not know you and hesitate to trust you. You need to gain their trust to close the deal. Here, you need to be more personalized in your cold calling script for the cleaning business.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company], and I’m reaching out to share how we can bring a new level of cleanliness and order to your [Home/Office].”

Scenario 1:

Prospect would hesitate to continue the conversation, but you need to gain trust first by your words of cleaning business cold calling script.

“I understand that choosing a cleaning service requires trust and assurance. Give me a moment to discuss how we ensure the safety and prioritize the satisfaction of our clients. Is that okay?”

Hopefully, the client will respond positively, then you need to conduct a brief research about the prospect, their backgrounds, and pain points. LinkedIn profile or the company’s website can help you get the required information. Try to personalize your script according to the pain point of the client. How can taking your service help them solve their cleaning issues?

“Before reaching out to you, we did a bit of research and came to know you are struggling with [Mention specific pain points]. We have reached out to you because we have the perfect solution for you [Mention the solution].”

This is the time the client will start trusting you as there is a higher chance your personalized pitch impressed them.

“If there are particular concerns or requirements you have, I’d be eager to hear them. This way, we can address them directly and provide you with the right service. Our goal is not just to clean the area but to create environments where people feel comfortable and productive.”

Scenario 2:

If there is a link between you and your client, like your company has already given service to the client who knows someone, then you can mention this too. This can quickly gain clients’ trust. Also, offer them a trial or tell them to check out reviews or referrals.

“Hi, your friend [Name] and I are working together to get their space cleaned as new. We are pretty close to completing our mission. Sarah is pretty happy and suggested your Name as you were also seeking a cleaning service. Am I right?”

The prospect won’t have any doubt as their known person is taking your service and continuing the discussion.

“I would love to give you the best service, first tell me about your problems or the cleaning service you want from us. This way, we can address them directly and provide you with the right service.”

Continue your cold calling script so the client decides to take your cleaning service.

5. The Prospect Needs Time to Decide

After delivering your cleaning business cold calling script pitch, if the prospect wants some time to decide, then instead of forcing them to take your service immediately, respect their decision.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your company]. How are you today? I was hoping to catch a moment of your time. Is this a good moment for you?”

The prospect would respond and hope that they say yes.

“Oh, great! I am contacting you because we are offering cleaning services for residential and business spaces in your area, and we thought of you. May I ask if you’ve recently considered professional cleaning services for your [Home/office]?”

Now the prospect replies they need some time to decide or they may not need the service right now. After that, your response to the cold-calling script should be like this,

“Absolutely, [Prospect’s Name], taking time to make the best decision for your [home/office] is important. What I can do is provide you with all the information you need about our services. Kindly give me your email address so I can send you the information.”

Confirm the email address and repeat it to avoid any spelling mistakes.

“Perfect! How about I check back with you on [Day and Date] to find out your decision and clear any concerns regarding our service? Which day is better?”

List the prospects in the follow-up section and precisely contact them on the exact day.

6. The Prospect Expresses No Need

As a cold caller, it is usual you will come across several rejections. But you can not lose hope. Rather, overcome your anxietymotivate yourself, and then try to give your best. Have patience and convince them to hear about your offerings and how cleaning service can improve their overall environment. Try to be a bit more friendly and use captivating words in cold calling script for cleaning business like this,

“I understand and appreciate taking a cleaning service may not be the priority right now. Honestly speaking, several clients said the same, but once we talked about the benefits and customized service we provide, more than half of them were convinced to take our service. Just give me two minutes, and I promise you won’t regret it.”

This time, the customer may not behave very well, and you need to stay calm. If the prospect responds positively, then go for your next step. These few seconds are going to decide whether the client is turning into warm leads or not.

“Our services are structured to enhance the quality of your life by ensuring your personal space is all clean. We offer flexible cleaning solutions that can meet your schedule and lifestyle. Since you are in a hurry, how about we schedule a one-time service at your convenience so you can assess the benefits for yourself?”

Do not push the client too hard to work with you. Instead, your tone should be friendly and all-natural.

7. The Prospect is Concerned About the Disruption of Services

Since cleaning service takes quite a good amount of time, the prospect may get concerned about the disruption in their routine life. They may not show any interest in taking the service.

In such cases, as a cold caller, you need to convince them about the benefits of the cleaning products and services they can avail of. Try to make them understand this is for their betterment. Portraying the good sides can help promote a healthy lifestyle. Also, tell them your service is flexible and whenever the client is free. Only then would you start your work.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I hope your day is going well. May I have a moment to discuss our cleaning services with you?”

When the prospect shows no interest in your service, your cold-calling script for the cleaning business should sound like this,

“I understand that the thought of integrating a new cleaning service into your [Home/Office] routine can be concerning. This may seem like a potential disruption to you. Our goal at [Your Company] is to provide a seamless service that fits perfectly into your schedule. We ensure minimal to no interruption to your daily activities. We offer flexible scheduling options, including weekend or after-hours services for our commercial clients. Also, specific time windows for our residential customers.”

This time, the prospect would be assured, and you need to continue your cold calling script till you schedule an appointment.

8. The Prospect Asks for References

Giving references to the prospect is the easiest way to gain trust. If there is any mutual connection, try to mention their Name in your script. Otherwise, share the data about your previous clients and their reviews. How does taking your cleaning service impact their life?

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company]. I hope your day is going well. But we hope you get a healthier life too with our services. So, would you like to discuss our cleaning service? I won’t take much of your time.”

In case the prospect is asking themselves for the references, you must ensure you provide them. Your cleaning business cold calling script approach can be like this,

“That’s a great question, [Prospect’s Name], and I’m glad you asked. We appreciate when the clients want for reference, so you do not need to blindly trust us. We’re happy to connect you with clients who can share their firsthand experiences. Would you like me to send over a list of references via email, or would a direct phone call from one of our satisfied customers be more convenient for you?”

The best is to make a list with proof of your successful clients. Whenever the prospect asks you, you can immediately provide them with the data. This will not only get you regular client but you will also be able to generate commercial cleaning leads.

9. The Prospect Is Concerned About Cleaning Supplies Or Environmental Impact

The cleaning business is related to several chemical supplies. So, it is common for your prospects to get stressed and concerned about the safety of the products and environmental impact. In such cases, if you manage to convince your prospects your company’s products and services are totally safe and eco-friendly, then they will become your long-term customers.

Make them understand the healthier indoor air quality they can avail by using your service. Also, those who are already enjoying the benefits should mention their feedback, too.

Do your research on eco-friendly cleaning products and practices beforehand. Also, don’t make claims you can’t support in the cold-calling script. If you have different levels of eco-friendly service, present them clearly. Emphasize how your green practices benefit their health, the environment, and potentially their brand image.

“Hello [Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Cleaning Company]. We haven’t seen you utilize our services in a while. Is there anything we can do to bring you back?”

The prospect will show their concern about environmental impact.

“I’m really glad you brought that up, [Prospect’s Name]. Environmental responsibility is a core value at [Your Company], and we take great care in selecting the cleaning supplies we use. We know it’s essential to keep the environment and the spaces we clean healthy and safe, both for our planet and for the spaces we clean. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and proven effective for cleaning without the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaning agents. We ensure a minimal environmental impact but also try to provide healthier indoor air quality for you and those who use the space.”

Still, the prospect is not convinced. Then, ask them if they want you to share more information and reviews from previous clients.

“If you are still confused, then I would like to share some more information about our services with the feedback from my past clients. I am pretty sure that will help you trust our company.”

Continue your cleaning business cold calling script and share the information. Try to schedule a meeting with the client.

10. The Prospect Wants a One-time Service

The prospect may want to get a one-time service rather than some monthly or yearly package. This type of customer is temporary, but if you can manage to gain their trust, they can become your loyal customers.

Even they would work as a referral on behalf of your company. So, try to give them the best service. Here, emphasize flexibility, efficiency, and your commitment to high standards.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company], and I hope your day is going well. Do you have a moment to discuss your cleaning needs?”

Pause for their response. If they’re open to discussion and asking for one-time service, help them with that if your company has this facility.

“That’s wonderful to hear! I understand you might be looking for a one-time cleaning service. Whether it’s for a special event, a move-in/out, or just to refresh your space, we’ve got you covered. Can you share a bit more about what you’re hoping to get with this service? So, I can offer you the best service meeting your needs.”

The interested prospect will share the preferences, and you may ask about the price range, too. Also, tell them they can get the service in the future whenever they need it.

“Thank you for sharing that. With the information you’ve given, we are giving you a cleaning solution that fits your exact needs to ensure your space is spotless and inviting. We offer a complete, clean service that covers [mention any specific areas or tasks]. All of these are performed by our experienced and dedicated team. So, tell me when you are available so I can schedule a time for you to experience our top-notch cleaning service.”

You can continue your conversation by addressing your client’s concerns. It can be related to reviews, time, or many more. The more you get engaged with your prospect, the better chance you have to hook the commercial cleaning leads.

11. The Prospect Has Specific Cleaning Needs or Preferences

Not every prospect needs all of the services that cleaning service companies offer. Some may have some specific preference regarding the products or need specific areas to clean. So, you need to give your pitch so the client shares what they want. Then, you can better find out or customize the service.

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] with [Your Company]. I hope you’re doing great today. Can we take a moment to talk about your cleaning service needs?”

Pause for their answer. Then, pitch in a very friendly tone. If they already mention their specific need, then it is a plus for you. You now know how to continue the cold-calling script for a cleaning business.

“I’m reaching out because we specialize in providing customized cleaning services that match each client’s unique needs and preferences. I understand that everyone’s home and requirements are different. May I know if there are any particular aspects of cleaning you’re most concerned about or any preferences you have in mind?”

Wait for your client to share their need and have patience until they finish talking.

“That’s exactly the kind of detail we love to accommodate to ensure our services exceed your expectations. And luckily, our services include all your needs already. Whether it’s using eco-friendly products, focusing on allergen reduction, or addressing pet hair challenges, we have everything to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to leave your space not only clean but also healthier and more comfortable for you and your family. Can we schedule a time to further discuss how we can help by customizing our cleaning services for you?”

Try to be focused on listening to the prospect’s needs, then offering solutions that give to those needs, and inviting further discussion to close the service arrangement. Remember to keep the tone friendly, professional, and customer-centric throughout the call.


Cold calling script matters the most because it’s the make-or-break moment that determines whether you’ll reel in leads or get hung up on. Yet, many use a generalized script that may not even meet customers’ current situation. This kind of mistake lessens the conversion drastically.

The secret is personalized pitches are where it’s at. Before you even pick up the phone, take a moment to dig into your prospect’s world. Then, an approach that fits their needs. LinkedIn says starting with a line like “I understand we share a common LinkedIn profile/group” can up your chances of scoring a meeting by a whopping 70%.

Each client is as unique as their cleaning needs, so why treat them all the same? We tried to portray 11 different scripts in different situations. But do not forget to add your unique essence to the script to truly seal the deal.

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