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How to Overcome Cold Calling Anxiety

Cold-calling anxiety is a formidable challenge faced by many in sales. It is more than just nerves before dialing a number. It’s a psychological hurdle that can hinder success in cold-calling efforts. Most of the time, beginner cold callers often get nervous. In fact, 40% of salespeople report experiencing intense cold call anxiety at some […]

9 Proven Telemarketing Appointment Setting Strategy For B2B

Despite the rise of digital marketing channels, the power of personal conversation through telemarketing in influencing business decisions cannot be underestimated. However, a telemarketing campaign’s success depends on the effectiveness of its strategy. Well, proven telemarketing appointment-setting strategies for business-to-business (B2B) can lead your telemarketing efforts to successful appointment-setting. Appointment setting is a great telemarketing […]

Why Is Cold Calling Important in Business?

Cold calling is still essential in business just because of its scope of direct communication. Nowadays, digital marketing strategies often take center stage in business. However, the importance of cold calling is still unwavering. Despite the evolving marketing methodologies, businesses find value in the direct and personal approach. Notably, the cold calling offers this. It’s […]

What Is Occupancy In Call Center?

In a call center context, “occupancy” refers to the percentage of time that call center agents spend actively handling customer interactions or performing work-related tasks compared to the total available time. It is a key performance indicator (KPI) that measures the efficiency and productivity of the call center staff. Call centers use occupancy rates to […]

What Is Call Center Absenteeism?

Absenteeism in call centers is a usual occurrence where employees take the day off without any notice. This can negatively impact the customer experience (CX). It’s a complicated matter that needs to be carefully thought through and analyzed. A Cornell University study indicated that call center absenteeism averages 6% on typical days, with outsourced call centers having […]