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How to Get Commercial Cleaning Leads? [11 Proven Strategy Explained]

How to Get More Commercial Cleaning Leads

Businesses or people expressing a need for janitorial services provide commercial cleaning leads. Commercial cleaning company owners who plan their lead generation have more chances to grow their clientele and sustain business growth; improved lead generation results in higher-quality leads, more clients for commercial cleaning, and higher income and profit.

Gaining expertise in lead generation is crucial for business expansion, regardless of the level of knowledge in the cleaning industry. This blog will discuss tried-and-true methods, cutting-edge approaches, and valuable advice for continuously bringing in high-caliber leads.

We’ll review everything you need to know to fill your pipeline with profitable commercial cleaning leads, from utilizing digital marketing tools to developing solid networks and focusing on strategies to use if you have a budget and need to.

Let’s start and discover the keys to propelling company success in the cutthroat cleaning industry!

If You Have Budget For Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

You’ve taken the first step toward realizing the full potential of your business if you have set aside money to generate leads related to commercial cleaning. The following strategies are designed for individuals prepared to commit to their lead-generating endeavors.

You may systematically target your potential clientele, investigate different marketing platforms, and launch successful campaigns to increase lead acquisition when you have a committed budget. We have highlighted plans and techniques created to maximize your spending and guarantee a strong return on investment in the cutthroat world of commercial cleaning.

Together, we can maximize your budget and improve your lead generation strategy.

1. Facebook Ads Campaign

Facebook ad campaigns have the potential to be quite successful in producing leads for commercial cleaning, mainly when the competition is moderate, budgets are sufficient, targeting is accurate, and creatives are compelling.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Growth: Fast

Cost: High

Facebook Ads Campaign Strategies

  • Targeted Local Ads: Use Facebook’s location targeting to target local areas, emphasizing convenience, reliability, and local expertise to attract nearby commercial clients.
  • Engaging Video Ads: Create engaging cleaning service videos showcasing your work quality. Include before-and-after shots, client endorsements, and behind-the-scenes footage to captivate your audience.
  • Lead Magnet Campaigns: In return for contact information, provide a helpful resource (e.g., a free cleaning checklist, an eBook on workplace hygiene, or a handbook on keeping a clean workstation). Use Facebook ads to market your lead magnet to clients seeking commercial cleaning services. Use focused follow-up campaigns to nurture these prospects when they opt-in. 
  • Retargeting Campaigns: Use retargeting ads to bring back users who have interacted with your prior ads or visited your website but have yet to become leads. Please encourage them to take action and contact you by reminding them of your business cleaning services through persuasive advertisement creatives and alluring incentives.
  • Social Proof Ads: To establish credibility and confidence, highlight gratifying client case studies, reviews, and testimonials. Use advertising campaigns that showcase customer experiences and success stories to convince prospective customers of your dependability and professionalism. Ads with social proof can influence potential customers to select your business cleaning services over rivals.

By incorporating these strategies into your Facebook ad campaigns, you can attract and convert leads for your commercial cleaning business. Adjust and optimize your campaigns based on performance metrics to continually improve results and maximize ROI. Even though the cost may be higher, the high effectiveness and growth potential make up for that high cost.

2. Cold Calling

Cold calling is a tried and tested method for lead generation. Suppose you have a targeted list of potential clients and engage in personalized conversations with them to highlight your services’ value proposition while emphasizing benefits like cost-effectiveness, reliability, and customized solutions. In that case, you significantly increase the chance of lead generation.

Through persistent and effective communication, cold calling can be an effective tool for generating valuable leads and expanding your client base.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Growth: Fast

Cost: Medium

Cold Calling Marketing Strategies

  • Research and Targeting: Before making any calls, research your prospects thoroughly. Understand their industry, pain points, and how your cleaning services can address their needs. Tailor your pitch accordingly for a more personalized approach.
  • Value Proposition: Clearly articulate the value your commercial cleaning services offer. Highlight benefits such as cost savings, improved workplace hygiene, and enhanced productivity. Focus on how your services can solve their specific cleaning challenges.
  • Practical Scripting: Develop a concise and compelling script that outlines critical points while allowing room for natural conversation. Practice your script to ensure confidence and clarity during calls. Be prepared to address common objections and questions.
  • Follow-Up Strategy: Not all leads will convert on the first call. Implement a systematic follow-up strategy to nurture leads over time. Send personalized follow-up emails or schedule follow-up calls to stay on their radar and build rapport.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly analyze the call data and performance metrics to identify areas for improvement. Adjust your approach based on feedback and results. Refine your scripts, targeting strategies, and objection-handling techniques to optimize your cold-calling efforts over time.

Cold calling can effectively generate commercial cleaning leads by targeting specific businesses or individuals requiring your services. By adding these cold-calling marketing strategies to your repertoire, you can ensure growth in lead generation, an increase in revenue and income, and an expansion of your client base.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

To draw in quality leads for your commercial cleaning company, you must invest in SEO. You can raise your website’s search engine rankings and visibility by adding high-quality backlinks, producing educational content, and optimizing it with appropriate keywords. Prospective customers looking for cleaning services are more likely to find your website, which will improve inquiries and conversions. By strategically positioning your company in front of the appropriate audience, you can foster long-term success and growth.

Effectiveness: 4/5

Growth: Slow

Cost: Medium

SEO Strategies

  • Keyword Research: Identify relevant keywords for commercial cleaning services that potential clients will likely search for. Focus on long-tail keywords specific to your niche, such as “office cleaning services in [your city]” or “commercial janitorial services for warehouses.”
  • Optimized Content: Create high-quality, informative blog posts that address your target audience’s common questions, concerns, and pain points. Incorporate your chosen keywords naturally within the content, headings, and meta tags to improve search engine visibility.
  • Local SEO: Leverage local SEO tactics to target customers in your service area. Ensure your Google My Business profile is complete and accurate, including your business name, address, phone number, and operating hours. Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews to enhance your local search rankings.
  • Link Building: Build authoritative backlinks from reputable websites within the cleaning industry, local directories, and relevant business associations. Guest posting on industry blogs, participating in local business events, and networking with other businesses can help you earn valuable backlinks and improve your site’s authority.
  • Mobile Optimization: Optimizing your website for mobile responsiveness and speed is crucial. Ensure your website loads quickly, is easy to navigate on mobile devices, and provides a seamless user experience across all devices.

By implementing these SEO strategies consistently, you can enhance your website’s visibility, attract more organic traffic, and generate valuable leads for your commercial cleaning business.

4. Email Subscriber Lists

Creating an email list of subscribers is one of the most effective ways to generate leads in the commercial cleaning sector. To get people to subscribe, provide insightful industry analysis, cleaning advice, and exclusive offers. Engage with your subscribers regularly to build rapport and demonstrate your knowledge. Use educational newsletters, exclusive deals, and tailored communications.

By providing informative content and regular communication, you may turn email subscribers into devoted customers for your commercial cleaning company.

Effectiveness: 4/5

Growth: Medium

Cost: Medium

Email Subscriber Listing Building

  • Lead Magnet Offers: create compelling lead magnets such as cleaning checklists, workplace hygiene checklists, or guides to maintaining a clean workspace, tailored for different niche industries. Offer these resources in exchange for visitors’ email addresses on your website.
  • Newsletter Sign-Up: Implement pop-up forms on your website, prompting visitors to subscribe to a free newsletter for cleaning tips, industry updates, and special offers. Ensure the pop-ups are strategically placed and visually appealing to capture attention without being intrusive.
  • Exclusive Promotions: offer exclusive promotions or discounts to subscribers that incentivize visitors to join your email list. Highlight the value of subscribing and receiving special offers reserved for loyal customers.
  • Workshops and Webinars: Host educational webinars and workshops on topics related to commercial cleanings, such as the best practices for office sanitation or green cleaning techniques. Require the attendees to register with their email addresses, thus expanding your subscriber list while providing valuable insights.
  • Referral Programs: Encourage existing subscribers to refer your business to friends, colleagues, or other companies and invite them to join your email list in exchange for rewards or discounts.

An email subscriber list is an effective way to scale your business and grow your client base. Use these strategies to create an effective email subscriber list and build strong relationships with existing and potential clients. 

5. Community Outreach

Engaging in the community is an excellent approach to drawing in new clients for lead generation. Community outreach increases brand awareness, improves customer relationships, yields higher conversion rates, produces more qualified leads, allows you, the business, to better understand your target audience, improves customer loyalty, increases referral business, increases community relations, and increases trust and credibility, all of which can have a significant impact on your commercial cleaning business.

Effectiveness: 3/5

Growth: Slow

Cost: Low

Community Outreach Features

  • Local Networking Events: Attend local business networking events or industry conferences to connect with potential clients and build relationships. Engage in conversations, exchange business cards, and showcase your expertise in commercial cleaning services.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Explore sponsorship opportunities for community events, sports teams, or charitable organizations in your area. Associating your brand with community initiatives can enhance your visibility and reputation while demonstrating your commitment to supporting local causes.
  • Educational Workshops: Host educational workshops or seminars on topics related to commercial cleaning, such as workplace sanitation best practices or eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Position yourself as an industry expert and provide valuable insights to attendees while networking and generating leads.
  • Volunteer Work: Get involved in community service projects or volunteer initiatives, such as neighborhood clean-up events or charity fundraisers. By actively participating in community activities, you can establish goodwill, build trust, and foster connections with potential clients who appreciate your commitment to making a positive impact.
  • Local Advertising: Utilize local advertising channels such as newspapers, community newsletters, or posters posted in the neighborhood to promote your commercial cleaning services. Target specific neighborhoods or business districts where your potential clients are located and highlight your unique value proposition to attract leads effectively.

6. Google Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements present a focused approach with quantifiable outcomes. You can efficiently reach your target audience and stick to your budget by investing in PPC campaigns.

These advertisements allow you only to pay when consumers click on your ad, which makes it an affordable way to increase traffic and lead generation for your cleaning company.

You can generate leads in a few ways that are widely used in the commercial cleaning business, which are Website Visits, Phone Calls, i.e., Cold Calling and Lead Form Submissions that can appear as pop-ups on your website, or run Lead Generation for Local Customers, i.e., Local Service Ads.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Growth: Fast

Cost: High

PPC Features

  • Targeted Audience Reach: With pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, you may target potential customers interested in commercial cleaning services by providing detailed information about their demographics, interests, pain points, geography, and behavior.
  • Cost Control: PPC advertisements give you complete financial control by letting you establish daily or monthly expenditure caps. PPC ads allow you to maximize lead-generating potential while adhering to your financial limits.
  • Measurable Results: PPC platforms provide detailed analytics and metrics, enabling you to track the performance of your ads in real-time. You can monitor clicks, impressions, conversions, and other key metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
  • Advertisement Customization: You can personalize your advertisements with attention-grabbing language, pertinent keywords, and eye-catching imagery that appeals to your intended market. By increasing ad visibility and click-through rates, this customization eventually generates more leads for your commercial cleaning services.
  • Quick Results: Unlike traditional marketing methods, PPC ads can deliver immediate results. Once your campaigns are live, you can generate leads almost instantly, helping you rapidly grow your client base and increase revenue for your cleaning business.

7. LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation services are customized to your commercial cleaning leads, unleashing your business’s potential. You utilize LinkedIn’s vast professional network, which specializes in matching your services with qualified leads. A budget set up specifically for lead generation ensures targeted marketing, increasing the likelihood that prospects will become loyal customers. Boosting your commercial cleaning business’s online presence may flourish using LinkedIn Lead Generation.  

Effectiveness: 4/5

Growth: Medium

Cost: Medium

LinkedIn Lead Generation Features

  • Targeted Audience Segmentation: Make sure your lead generation efforts are reaching the most relevant prospects in the commercial cleaning industry, namely office managers, facility owners, and businesses, by using LinkedIn’s powerful targeting capabilities to segment your audience based on industry, firm size, location, and pain points. 
  • Customized Outreach Programs: To increase the chance of engagement and conversion, create customized messages and sponsored content that are precisely geared towards the requirements, needs, pain points, and problems that your commercial cleaning service can solve. This tailored content ensures engagement and networking with the right people who require commercial cleaning services.
  • Lead Tracking and Analytics: Use LinkedIn’s analytics tools to learn how well your lead generation initiatives are performing. Monitor important data like impressions, clicks, and conversions so you can adjust your tactics for the best results.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: work with seasoned LinkedIn lead generation experts who can oversee your campaigns, maximize targeting options, and offer continuous assistance to guarantee your budget is spent properly. 
  • A/B Testing Compatibilities: We use LinkedIn’s A/B testing functionality to test our various ad creatives, messaging approaches, and targeting criteria. By fine-tuning your strategy by evaluating different elements, you can consistently increase your lead generation’s return on investment (ROI). 

Additionally, you can have LinkedIn Lead Gen forms as pop-ups on your website to attempt to persuade any visitor( with a LinkedIn account) to leave their information, thus gathering leads for the future. Maintaining a consistent online presence on the LinkedIn platform and engaging with business owners, facility managers, and administrators will give your commercial cleaning service more credibility, which will help generate leads. Be sure to leverage connections with current customers on the platforms; their connections may be your potential leads. LinkedIn is the only platform where a commercial cleaning business will be able to gain access to 

  • Professional Data will help you reach the right individuals in the right way, according to factors like seniority, industry, and geography.
  • Business Context and Contacts, for example, LinkedIn users who use the site to research subjects related to their industries or specializations advance in their occupations through strategic networking and help cultivate an open mind to receive business-to-business messages. 
  • News Feed Products on LinkedIn appear alongside the content on the news feed for a seamless experience. 

The commercial cleaning industry is always looking to grow its client base and may find a customized solution in LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Commercial cleaning may effectively use its lead generation budget to engage with relevant prospects and spur their growth with the use of marketing strategies such as A/B testing tools, specialized account management methods, tailored outreach, and extensive analytics that are monitored constantly and subjected to adjustment if required, and most importantly, targeted audience segmentation.

Harness the power of LinkedIn Lead Generation to boost your marketing approach and capture more leads for your commercial cleaning business. 

Commercial Cleaning Businesses that can demonstrate to their clients that they are involved in improving the community and care about similar issues by participating in events and projects that can benefit the community have been shown to impact their business positively.

When clients see a company as a collaborator and a participator in improving the community, these efforts can foster a sense of trust and loyalty, resulting in more brand awareness, more qualified leads, and, thus, more sales for the company.

If You Don’t Have Budget For Commercial Cleaning Lead Generation

Even if you do not have a budget allocated specifically for lead generation for your commercial cleaning business, there are effective strategies that you can implement in your business that will yield leads.

This section of the blog will explore innovative and cost-efficient methods for commercial cleaning business owners looking to generate leads without financial investment, from leveraging the power of social media platforms like Facebook, particularly Facebook Groups, to harnessing the potential of referrals and community engagement. These cost-efficient and budget-friendly marketing strategies will empower your commercial cleaning business.

1. Ask For Referrals

Referrals from existing customers are social proof that you are a credible and trustworthy commercial cleaning business. Referrals help build connections with potential customers and establish trust that proves you have worked hard and have a proven track record of satisfied customers. Implement a referral program that rewards the referrer and the new subscriber, fostering word-of-mouth marketing and list growth.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Growth: Slow

Cost: Low

Referrals Features

  • Referral Incentives: Offer exciting incentives to existing clients to refer your business to potential clients. The incentives could include discounts on future services, free add-ons, or referral rewards as a token of appreciation.
  • Customized Referral Links: provide existing clients with personalized referral links they can easily share within their network. Customized Referral Links allow you to track referrals accurately and attribute them to the right client for rewards. 
  • Referral Program Tiers: implement a tiered referral program where clients can earn increasing rewards for each successful referral; for example, after a certain number of referrals, the client is eligible for higher discounts or exclusive perks.
  • Promotional Materials: Equip clients with promotional materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, or digital assets that they can share with their network. Ensure that the materials include compelling messaging and a clear call to action to encourage referrals.
  • Regular Communication: Keep clients informed about your referral program through regular communication channels such as newsletters, email campaigns, or social media updates. Remind them of the benefits of referring others and encourage them to spread the word about your commercial cleaning business.

Referrals are the original marketing strategy for generating leads, and they are a tried-and-tested method of effectiveness. Incentivize your existing clients to refer your commercial cleaning business to their network. 

2. Community Engagement

For the commercial cleaning industry to generate leads, community engagement is essential. Businesses can create a strong brand and gain the trust of their target market by conducting clean-up programs, supporting community activities, and actively engaging in local events. Through these initiatives, commercial cleaning businesses improve the quality of life in their neighborhood and draw in new customers who respect their dedication to upholding a hygienic and safe environment. 

Effectiveness: 3.5/5

Growth: Slow

Cost: Low

Community Engagement Features

  • Community Clean-up Events: You can organize or participate in a community clean-up event, where your volunteers will clean public spaces or local facilities. Community events like this help improve the community and raise awareness of your commercial cleaning services. 
  • Educational Workshops: you can host free workshops or seminars on cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace or public spaces. Provide valuable insights and tips while showcasing your expertise in commercial cleaning. 
  • Partnerships with Local Businesses: Establish partnerships with local businesses, such as offices, restaurants, or retail stores, to offer joint promotions or cross-promotional opportunities. Collaborate on community initiatives or events to increase visibility and attract potential clients. 
  • Sponsorship of Community Initiatives: sponsor local events or charitable organizations to increase brand visibility and demonstrate your commitment to the community. Sponsorship can build trust and goodwill among the residents and draw in potential clients. 
  • Community Outreach Programs: Develop community outreach programs to address specific cleaning needs or challenges in the area. Offer discounts or pro bono services to schools, community centers, or non-profit organizations to make a positive impact while generating leads through word-of-mouth referrals. 

Community Engagement is an essential marketing strategy with low costs but high effectiveness. It raises brand awareness and helps to build solid and lasting relationships with the community and local businesses. 

3. Facebook Group Maintain

Even without a budget allocated for lead generation, you can harness the power of social media, particularly Facebook Groups, as they are a reasonably priced means of lead generation for your commercial cleaning business. Companies can interact with potential clients by joining groups relevant to facility management, business networking, or local community organizations.

Engaging in active participation through sharing insightful observations, guidance, and knowledge helps build credibility and facilitates the development of relationships that may lead to beneficial commercial prospects. Commercial cleaning businesses can create leads within the Facebook Community through strategic networking and persistent participation.

Effectiveness: 3/5

Growth: Slow

Cost: Low

Facebook Group Strategies

  • Active participation: engage actively in relevant Facebook Groups by providing insights, answering questions, and sharing relevant content related to commercial cleaning. Establish yourself as a helpful and knowledgeable member, thus attracting attention and potential leads.
  • Offer Free Advice and Tips: provide free advice, tips, and tricks for commercial cleaning through the Facebook Group. You can establish credibility and attract potential leads interested in your business when your business appears to be knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Network with Group Members: connect with other Facebook Group members, including business owners, facility managers, and administrators. Build a relationship with them by initiating and engaging in conversations, offering assistance, and showing a genuine interest in their needs and challenges.
  • Share Success Stories and Testimonials: Use the Facebook group to share success stories, client testimonials, and case studies to showcase the effectiveness of your commercial cleaning services. Be sure to highlight the positive outcomes. Testimonials from satisfied customers can generate interest and inquiries from group members.
  • Create Polls and Surveys: use polls and surveys within Facebook Groups to gather insights into group members’ cleaning needs and preferences. Tailor your marketing messages and services based on the feedback, ensuring the message resonates with potential leads. Engaging members in interactive discussions can increase visibility and engagement within the group, leading to lead generation. 

Facebook Groups are a fascinating way to engage with potential clients and offer free advice, which helps build credibility. Harnessing the power of social media to generate leads for your commercial cleaning business without the financial investment. 

4. Networking and Partnerships

Networking and Partnerships are crucial for generating commercial cleaning sector leads. Commercial cleaning businesses can establish profitable ties by aggressively networking with companies, facility owners, and office managers. Partnering with businesses that complement each other, like a cleaning supply or property management company, can lead to new business prospects and recommendations. Without a budget for lead generation, intelligent networking initiatives can capitalize on current relationships and help cultivate new ones to generate substantial leads and grow your commercial cleaning business. 

Effectiveness: 3/5

Growth: Slow

Cost: Low

Networking and Partnership Strategies

  • Local Business Networking: Attend local business networking events or industry conferences to connect with potential clients and build relationships. Engage in conversations, exchange business cards, and showcase your expertise in commercial cleaning services.
  • Cross-Promotion with Complementary Businesses: Partner with complementary businesses, such as office supply stores, property management firms, or real estate agencies. Offer to promote each other’s services to your respective client bases, expanding your reach and generating leads through referrals.
  • Community Outreach Collaboration: Collaborate with local community organizations, schools, or non-profit groups to provide cleaning services for events or facilities. A community outreach collaboration demonstrates your commitment to the community and increases visibility and goodwill, potentially leading to referrals and new leads.
  • Online Networking Groups: Join online networking groups or forums related to the commercial cleaning industry or local business communities. Participate actively by offering advice, sharing insights, and engaging with other members to establish connections and generate leads organically.
  • Strategic Alliances: Identify businesses that serve similar target markets but offer different services, such as HVAC companies or commercial landscaping firms. Propose mutually beneficial alliances where you can refer clients to each other, leveraging each other’s networks to generate leads without financial investment.

In the commercial cleaning sector, establishing strong networks and partnerships with complementary businesses is an intelligent lead generation method when you need a budget for lead generation. Fostering strong relationships can ensure brand awareness and business growth. 


Commercial cleaning is a cutthroat industry, with many companies vying to be the best. Generating fruitful and substantial leads for your commercial cleaning business is crucial for growth. Whether you have a separate budget allocated for lead generation or not, implementing these marketing strategies will ensure lead generation, thus increasing revenue and expanding your commercial cleaning business. 

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