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What Is Call Center Attrition?

Attrition in call centers is the process that measures the percentage rate at which employees leave the organization over a specific period. It is a crucial metric for industries like call centers, where employee turnover can be relatively high. A call center’s average agent turnover rate is 30-45 percent. So, call centers want to calculate the […]

What Is Call Center Schedule Adherence?

Call center adherence is a crucial practice within a call center environment that refers to the rate at which agents adhere to their predetermined work schedules.  This is essential for call centers to optimize agent availability, maintain consistent service levels, and enhance customer satisfaction at any given time. Here, every moment counts, and every customer […]

What is Call Center Forecasting?

Call center forecasting is about accurate predictions about the volume of calls your business will receive over a certain period. It provides the exact or probable number of agents you need to handle that call volume. Forecasting in call centers involves analyzing historical data, identifying patterns, and utilizing various methods to predict the future demand […]

Lead Generation vs Prospecting

Finding potential customers and connecting with them is the most crucial part of sales. There are two main processes that salespeople use to generate leads: lead generation and prospecting. They both have the same goal but different approaches and strategies. It’s important to identify and reach out to people who might be interested in your […]