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How To Set Janitorial Appointments (For Remote Appointment Setter)


Janitorial appointment setting is the process of speaking with your leads in order to set up a face-to-face business appointment with the owner of a janitorial company. You can get more clients for the owner with an appointment setting. So, you have to know how to set janitorial appointments to scale up the paying clients.

According to Statista, in the USA, the total market size of janitorial services is more than 90 billion dollars in 2023. As a remote appointment setter, you can convert millions of dollars for your client with your skill and proper appointment-setting process. So, it’s essential to know how to set janitorial appointments.

However, as an appointment setter, you might be concerned about how to create janitorial appointments or whether doing so is worthwhile. Calling potential customers and offering janitorial services makes it easy to schedule janitorial appointments.

So, this article is for you. You can learn effective strategies for setting janitorial appointments to improve your appointment-setting skills and convert potential buyers into sales.

Let’s dive into the deep.

How To Set Janitorial Appointments As A Remote Appointment Setter

The Janitorial services industry is snowballing. Most people consider janitorial services as their daily necessity and ease of life. According to IBIS World, as of 2023, there are 1,200,270 Janitorial Services enterprises in the United States, a 3.6% growth from 2022.

This indicates the competition of this business well. So, reaching out to numerous prospects and setting appointments are essential to grow a janitorial company. Notably, Reaching more janitorial prospects by phone is more accessible than going door-to-door. However, setting janitorial appointments over the phone is challenging for the company owners or salespeople. This is where a skilled appointment setter may help.

An appointment setter is someone who sets appointments through telemarketing. They assist a company’s sales function. Appointment setters start phone interactions with leads or potential clients identified in a database.

A remote appointment setter works from home or a remote location and calls from a list of commercial cleaning leads many times per day. Although they work remotely, their janitorial appointment-setting procedure is comparable to traditional appointment-setters.

Your job is to connect potential customers with janitorial solutions as remote appointment setters in the janitorial industry. But how do you set janitorial appointments? You can quickly start the janitorial appointment-setting process using cold calling.

Here are the most effective strategies for setting janitorial appointments, and these will make the best outcome of your appointment-setting efforts.

1. Get A Very Good Idea About Your Service

As a janitorial appointment setter, you have to have a good knowledge of your service. When you get a good idea about janitorial services, it will be easy for you to pitch your prospects. You can give very informative and accurate information to your clients.

Get A Very Good Idea About Your Service

Here is a point: when your prospects can understand that you know your service well, your company can provide good service. You are the first pitch of your company. So, client acquisition is highly dependent on you.

Here, you can say why you should know about the service, as your job is to convince prospects via cold calling skills and turn a potential client into an appointment. But this knowledge will help you convince the prospects, making your tasks easier. It allows you to build the prospect’s trust, and they will quickly drive into the appointments.

You know, overall, a business runs on the trust. It would be best to build confidence that your company is experienced in this service to get more clients.

As a skillful janitorial appointment setter, you should know your service well.

2. Know Who You Are Calling (Prospect Personalization)

Another essential thing is human-to-human interaction. It helps to turn leads into appointments. Proper interaction helps to make your conversation with your prospect fruitful and build trust. For that, you need to know who you are calling.

Building trust is essential in the appointment-setting process. If your prospects do not trust you, they are reluctant to schedule an appointment. Make your prospects feel you know them to grab their interest in your offers. 

Before calling, extensively study the prospect. Determine where the prospects live, their family member, their pets, and their frequency of taking cleaning and other services. It will be perfect if you can know their purchasing capability. Then, you can offer them customized services.

For personalized calling, begin by introducing yourself and your janitorial service and requesting the prospect by name. It will catch their attention, and they will realize you know who they are. They will be eager to hear what you say next if they feel a human connection with you.

3. Tailor Your Message for Janitorial Calls (Script Personalization)

When tailoring your message for janitorial calls as a remote appointment setter, it’s essential to keep your approach concise and directly relevant to the prospect. Avoid using unnecessarily complicated or confusing phrases. Instead, it would help if you aimed for clarity and simplicity.

Your success will depend on your pitch. The more effectively you can deliver your pitch, the more appointments you can gain. Here are the steps to personalize your script effectively:

  • Focus on Their Needs: Start by addressing the prospect’s specific janitorial needs. For example, mention their office size, cleaning frequency, or any unique requirements they may have.
  • Highlight Benefits: Clearly communicate the benefits of your janitorial services. Please explain how your cleaning solutions can solve their problems and make their workspace cleaner and healthier.
  • Use Concrete Examples: Provide real-life examples of successful janitorial projects you’ve handled. This builds trust and demonstrates your expertise.
  • Avoid Generic Phrases: Steer clear of generic statements like, “We offer the best services.” Instead, specify what makes your janitorial services stand out, such as eco-friendly products, experienced staff, or competitive pricing.
  • Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage engagement by asking questions like, “What specific cleaning challenges are you facing?” This reveals your sincere concern for their needs.
  • Emphasize Customer Satisfaction: Mention satisfied customers or share positive testimonials briefly. This reinforces your reliability and commitment to quality.
  • Highlight Flexibility: If applicable, emphasize your flexibility in tailoring cleaning packages to their preferences.
  • Call to Action: End your script with a clear call to action, such as scheduling a site visit or setting up a follow-up call.

By following these steps, you can make a perfect massage for your janitorial calls, and you can set many appointments.

4. Identify the Best Time to Pitch

There is no simple answer to when is the best moment to pitch. Your purpose determines it, the type of your goal, and the prospects to whom you are pitching. However, knowing when to pitch is essential for appointment-setting success.

Here are some considerations for identifying the best time to pitch. They are:

  • Research prospect’s schedule
  • Consider time zones
  • Avoid busy periods
  • Try to target during lunchtime and breaks
  • Early mornings or late afternoons
  • Days of the week
  • Test and adjust the prospect’s time
  • Prioritize the local holidays
  • Use call scheduling tools

Considering these things, you can determine a reasonable time frame for you. It will be easier for the time being. Importantly, identifying the best time to pitch is a critical element of a successful appointment setting.

By respecting the prospect’s schedule and preferences, you increase your chances of catching them at a receptive moment, making your janitorial appointment-setting efforts more effective.

5. Engage Prospects in the Initial Seconds

When you initiate a call as a remote appointment setter for janitorial services, it’s essential to begin with a friendly greeting. A simple “Hello” or “Hi” followed by the prospect’s name can create an immediate connection and set a positive tone for the conversation.

Moreover, within the first few seconds, make it crystal clear why you’re calling. State your purpose succinctly. For instance, you can say, “I’m calling to discuss our janitorial services and how they can benefit your business.” This straightforward approach ensures that the prospect understands the reason for your call right away.

Along with this, to engage the prospect, mention a specific pain point or challenge related to janitorial services that your company can address. This demonstrates that you’ve done your homework and tailored your pitch to their specific needs.

Additionally, you can encourage interaction by asking a relevant question early in the conversation. For example, you might inquire, “Have you found any particular cleaning challenges in your workspace?” This encourages the prospect to express their worries and actively participate in the conversation. You can also highlight their current situation and what they will be after taking the service.

6. Don’t Just Talk, Listen To Their Queries

Listening is essential for a healthy conversation. You can quickly get a positive impression when you are a good listener. For the janitorial appointment setting, it’s also essential. If you listen to your prospect’s opinion attentively, they feel suitable for your attention.

However, you can not get good results if only you talk. Besides, active listening is a crucial skill that helps you understand the prospect’s needs, concerns, and priorities, enabling you to tailor your pitch effectively.

Here are some benefits of listing. They are:

  • You can easily understand the prospect’s needs
  • You can clarify or confirm any confusion
  • You can console your prospect’s frustration by empathizing and validating
  • You can obtain specific information about your prospects.
  • You can know the objections of your prospects

Incorporating active listening into your conversation not only helps you engage the prospect more effectively but also positions you as a thoughtful and attentive professional. This approach increases the chances of successfully setting janitorial appointments by demonstrating your commitment to meeting the prospect’s needs.

7. Create an Optimal Call Schedule

Create an Optimal Call Schedule

It would help if you created an optimal call schedule for better productivity in your work. Scheduling a call is time-consuming, and you can do your job with the proper process.

If you can’t reach a prospect on the phone or if the prospect isn’t ready to buy janitorial services, you can reschedule the conversation. Collect all of those prospect numbers and create a call schedule draft to ensure that no prospect is overlooked.

Here, creating an optimal call schedule means carefully choosing the days and times when you make your calls. Consider factors such as the prospect’s industry, typical work hours, and their likely availability.

Determine how often you should reach out to a prospect. While persistence is essential, it’s equally crucial to avoid overwhelming them with frequent calls. Strike a balance by spacing out your follow-up attempts at intervals that show persistence without becoming bothersome.

Creating an optimal call schedule is instrumental in your appointment-setting efforts. It ensures that you reach out to prospects at times when they are most likely to be receptive and helps you maintain a systematic and organized approach to lead management. This strategic scheduling can significantly enhance your chances of successfully setting janitorial appointments.

8. Follow Up Continuously

Follow-up consistently emphasizes the importance of persistence and ongoing communication with prospects to keep the conversation progressing.

You should plan your follow-up calls or emails. After the initial contact, establish a schedule for subsequent follow-ups. This schedule can include specific dates and times for each follow-up attempt.

Moreover, your follow-up messages should be personalized and add value to the prospect’s specific needs and previous interactions. Significantly, it would help if you did not give any pressure. Instead, you should maintain a respectful and courteous tone in your follow-up messages.

Research says that 76% of qualified leads need to do follow-up activity.

Besides, pay attention to any signals or cues the prospect provides during follow-up conversations. If they express increased interest or request specific information, be ready to adapt your approach accordingly and provide what they need.

Continuous follow-up also allows you to address any evolving concerns or questions they may have as they consider your offering. This persistent and respectful approach can significantly improve your chances of successfully setting up janitorial appointments in the long run.

9. Use Recordings to Improve Continuously

In your spare time, record and listen to all previous conversions to improve your appointment-setting abilities. By listening to the talks, you will gain a better understanding of the prospects’ pain points, goals, and objections. It will help you enhance your response, question-asking, and conversation-guiding abilities.

Using Recordings to Continuously Improve

By reviewing your calls, you can discover earlier mistakes or lack of pitching and identify opportunities for development. It will also boost your focusing abilities, allowing you to concentrate more effectively the next time you speak with prospects. Pay particular attention to your tone of voice, how you handle objections, and the effectiveness of your pitches.

You can also find signs and clues that your prospects offered you during the conversation. It reflects their level of interest, involvement, and willingness to purchase. Please pay close attention to them and alter your pitch.

Using recordings to improve continuously is a proactive approach to refining your appointment-setting skills. It allows you to self-assess, seek valuable feedback, and make data-driven adjustments that can lead to increased success in setting janitorial appointments.


Appointment-setting services, as opposed to lead generation, strive to organize sales meetings between qualified prospects and the sales team in order to negotiate and close agreements.

Setting janitorial appointments remotely might be difficult, but doing so correctly will result in success. Appointment setting works well for the janitorial services when combined with strong communication and negotiation abilities.

Knowing your audience, creating scripts for each call, selecting the best time to contact, engaging prospects straight away, and constantly developing your abilities will help you become a top appointment setter in the janitorial sector.

So, to boost your janitorial business, start setting janitorial appointments and increasing sales.

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