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14 Best Solar Cold Calling Script to Close More Leads & Sales

Cold Calling Scripts for Solar Industry

A good solar panel cold calling script is key to selling solar products. Since Alexander Graham Bell first patented the telephone in 1876, sales through cold calling have revolutionized the marketing industry. For an effective cold-calling strategy, there is no alternative to having a good script.

Harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into direct electricity has been one of the most groundbreaking inventions of the 20th century. According to the National Solar Industry Association, the first home to run entirely on solar energy was built in 1973, and since then, the solar industry has revolutionized the industry. Fast-forward to 2024, and the government is taking many initiatives to promote solar energy throughout America. 

According to studies, the average success rate for cold calling is 4.8%, but with tricks and tweaks, this rate can increase to 10.01%—this effective rise in sales benefits not only the solar business but also other businesses. 

What to Do Before Creating Your Solar Cold Calling Script?

Effective planning and preparation are crucial for successful cold calling, especially in sales industries like solar installation services, where the first impression can significantly impact the outcome. Before embarking on solar panel cold calling scripts, you must properly prepare to improve your cold calling skills

Understanding user behaviour is critical for a successful cold-calling strategy. For a successful cold-calling strategy, a sales agent must conduct thorough research about the demographics, the pain points faced by the customers, the advantages of getting those products, and how these products can enhance their lives. 

According to popular American radio speaker Earl Nightingale‘’All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.‘’  

Below, we have outlined some crucial aspects of planning and preparing to make your solar lead generator calls.

  • Do your research on the prospective customers. 
  • Make your objectives clear.
  • Create an informal itinerary for the conversation
  • Customize your presentation for solar business
  • Prepare for potential objections regarding the business
  • Play out the conversation in your mind
  • Develop a script that outlines the solar business
  • Prepare your workspace
  • Get more comfortable with cold calling settings

Check out the video to see how we schedule solar appointments using scripts.

14 Best Solar Scripts To Close More Leads

Crafting a well-organized script is indispensable for any cold-calling business. Selling solar products and raising customer awareness through telemarketing is pivotal in the solar business.

Below, we have outlined the 14 best solar cold-calling strategies to close more leads and increase sales.

1. First-Time Inquiry

When you are calling a prospective buyer for the first time to sell your solar products, it requires some work to start the conversion. Make sure you engage with the customer and build a relationship. 

Introduce Yourself

‘’You: Hi, Good [morning/afternoon/evening]. Am I talking to Mr., Miss/Mrs [Prospective Client Name]? This is ‘’Calling Agent’s Name’’ from the calling agency. 

Prospective Client: Yes, Speaking.’’

Engage with the Customer

Know if she is available to talk. If not, schedule a call for another time. 

‘’You: is this a good time to talk?

Prospective Client: Yes, What is it about?

‘You:  Thank You. Transitioning to solar energy can help you save tons of money. Have you ever considered going solar and saving money on energy consumption?

Prospective client: actually not. ‘’

Inform and Educate the Customer

Inform your customers about your products. How can it help them and educate them? 

‘’You: Going solar is now the best investment a homeowner or business can make. Installing solar energy will save you money on energy bills and allow you to qualify for tax credits. Transitioning to solar energy involves installing solar panels on your home, significantly reducing your monthly energy bill and increasing your property value.  

Prospective Client: I am not sure, or I’ve thought about it but have yet to look into it much, or I hear it is expensive.’’

Address Concerns:

Address the calling party’s concerns, objections, and dissatisfaction, and explain how your solar products can help them. Also, address any other anxiety the client may have.

‘’You: It’s a common concern, and it’s essential to consider the upfront costs versus the long-term savings. Going solar and installing solar panels requires significant upfront investment. With our personalized solar installation process, you can quickly get a good return on your investment. 

Our clients usually get a return on their investment in 6 to 7 years. Plus, we also offer financing options to make the transition easier. Would you like a free, no-obligation quote and a personalized savings report?”

Action and Closure:

Prospective Client: Yes, it sounds interesting.

‘’You: Great! I need to gather some basic information to prepare your personalized report. Let’s schedule a quick follow-up call. It would take about 15 minutes, and I can provide all the details and answer any more questions. What time works best for you?”

The prospective client provides a time.

‘’You: Perfect! I’ve scheduled our consultation for [Date & Time]. I look forward to showing you how easy and beneficial going solar can be. Thank you for your time today, [Prospective Customer’s Name]. Have a great day.’’

Make sure you call the prospective client on a specific date and time. Explain the advantages of solar products and provide them with a free quote and personalized savings report. In such a way, a good cold call script will help mitigate the concerns and lead to a sale quickly.

2. Scripts For The Quick Impression On 30-Sec

Time is of the essence in cold calling. The calling party may not give you much time, so making a quick and lasting impression is crucial. This is where well-crafted, concise introductions and engagement scripts become invaluable for solar calling agents. 


‘’You: Hi, is this [prospective customer’s name]? I am [name of the agent] with Calling Agency, an expert in solar energy solutions. 

We’re helping homeowners in [prospective customer’s location] cut their energy bills by up to 40% and increase their home’s value with solar energy. It’s quick, easy, and a great investment.’’


‘’Can I ask if you have ever considered making your home energy-independent with solar power?’’

In these 30 seconds, if the potential buyer is interested in purchasing solar products, you can inform and educate them and then hook your potential clients into a perfect solar lead.

3. Interested But Cost Concerns

Many buyers need more upfront investment in installing solar panels and generating electricity from the sun. Thus, writing an excellent solar cold calling script is crucial, as it can help turn into a good lead for calling agents.

In your solar script, you should be able to acknowledge the cost of concerts, address potential objections, and offer them a solution. Below, we have outlined these calling scenarios after the brief introduction:

Engage with the customer.

‘’You: I understand you’re interested in saving money on your electricity bill and reducing your environmental impact, but you’re also curious about the upfront cost.

Potential Customer: The initial cost of installing solar panels seems to be very high. ‘’

Acknowledge their concern:

‘’You: Yes, A lot of people are initially concerned about the costs, which is completely understandable. But the good news is that solar installation companies have reduced costs significantly in recent years.

Potential Customer: Yes, but still, the price is very high.’’

Offer them valued products:

‘’You: Solar panels last more than 25 years. Solar panels can save you money from the start, depending on your current electricity usage and local incentives. During that time, you’ll be saving money on your electricity bills and protecting yourself from rising energy costs.’’

Offer them a solution

‘’You: There are flexible financing options available that can make it manageable for your budget. Many of our satisfied customers find that the monthly savings on their energy bills can largely offset the finance payments, making it financially comfortable. And you get a return on your investment in just 5 to 7 years, and then for at least 18 to 20 years, you can enjoy its benefits. 

Potential Clients: That sounds good.’’

Call to action 

‘’You: How about I schedule a free consultation for you? We can go over the numbers in detail and see how much you could realistically save. There’s no commitment required. What do you think?”

If they agree to this proposition, provide details about your valued products and a free estimation. 

4. When The Prospect Lacks Knowledge About Solar Energy

Your potential clients may need to become more familiar with solar energy. In this case, your solar sales pitch script should contain adequate information to educate the clients so they can understand solar energy’s benefits. In such a scenario, engage with the potential leads after a brief introduction. 

Engagement with the clients

‘’You: I wanted to briefly discuss the potential benefits of solar energy for your home or business. Do you have a moment to talk?”

Prospective client: Yes, but I don’t know how this solar energy can help me.’’

Educate your customer

‘’You: I understand that solar energy might be a new concept for you, so I’d like to share some key points. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid. This can significantly reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a cleaner environment. Energy from the sun is a reliable and sustainable energy source that is gaining popularity worldwide.’’

Address their concern

‘’Prospective Client: That’s great, but how much will it cost me? Getting electricity from the sun must be very expensive. 

You: Yes, installing solar panels can cost you a bit, but the return on investment is considerable. Many people are concerned about the initial investment, but with the advancement in technology, solar systems have become more affordable than ever. Plus, the government incentive will offset the cost from the first year. ‘’

Action and closure:

‘’You: If you’re interested, I can arrange for one of our specialists to provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment of your property. This will help you determine how much you could save with solar energy. ‘’

If they agree with the initial assessment, take note of their details, provide a free consultation service with a detailed assessment, and educate them further about the importance of solar energy. 

5. Who Is Already Using Solar

While cold calling, it is common for the calling party to use solar products already. In such cases, if you are worried about how to set a solar appointment with that prospect & your solar appointment setting script should focus on enhancing their existing setup and offering additional services. Below, we have tailored a solar panel sales pitch for your customers.


‘’You: Hi [Prospective Client name], [morning/afternoon/evening] This is [calling agent name] from the calling agency. We see that you have already started using solar energy. How has your experience been so far?

Prospective client: It’s been great. I have actually been saving a lot of money on my monthly electricity bills. ‘’

Engage with the clients

‘’You: It’s wonderful to hear that you are contributing to the green planet. [Prospective Client name] We offer advanced solutions that can complement your current solar systems, like maximizing your energy production and improving the system.’’

Offer additional service 

‘’ You: Additionally, we provide maintenance services to ensure your solar panels operate at peak efficiency. Regular check-ups can prevent potential issues and even increase your system’s output. Would you be interested in scheduling a free consultation on how we can improve your system so that it runs at optimum efficiency? ‘’

If the prospective client agrees to get additional service, you book a meeting with the client. 

6. The Prospect Is Interested in Setting an Appointment

As people become more aware of the benefits of solar energy, many potential customers are interested in setting an appointment to learn more. This interest is excellent for the caller since the calling party is already interested in solar energy, and almost half the job is done. However, it is crucial to understand that solid relationships are crucial in this sector since they contain a competitive customer base. Utilizing appointment setting services ensures that interested individuals can easily schedule a consultation to explore the potential advantages and savings of adopting solar energy.

Now, you just need to acknowledge his concern, answer any of his questions, and clearly present your product. Below, we have tailored the best solar sales pitch for the customer after a brief introduction. 


‘’You: Hi [Prospective Customer’s Name], this is [Calling Agent Name] from the Calling Agency. How are you today? 

I’m reaching out today to discuss how you can benefit from switching to solar energy. 

We offer customized solar solutions that can significantly reduce your electricity bills and increase the value of your property. 

Is this something you might be interested in learning more about?

Prospective Client: Yes, I’ve been thinking about solar energy. Can we talk about what this would involve?’’


‘’You: I’m glad you’re interested in exploring solar energy solutions.  I’d be glad to explain everything and answer any questions you might have.  Our solar specialists are ready to provide you with a personalized assessment. ‘’

Book an appointment.

‘’Could you tell me what days and times work best for you? We want to ensure we’re available at your convenience.’’

Confirming details

‘’You: Perfect. I have you scheduled for [Day], [Date], and [Time]. Our specialist, [Specialist’s Name], will meet with you to discuss the benefits and process of installing solar panels at your property. During the meeting, you’ll receive a comprehensive site evaluation, an estimate of potential energy savings, and information on available incentives. 

Is there anything specific you want us to focus on during our visit?’’

After confirming the necessary details and asking them what they should focus on to show preparedness and personalized attention, you enhance the prospect’s confidence in your company.


‘’Thank you for considering Calling Agency for your solar energy needs. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you make an informed decision. You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly with all the details. Have a great day!’’

7. The Prospect Is Busy And Has Limited Time

There are numerous instances where the potential customer is busy. You must be respectful of the buyer’s time constraints. You must shorten your call, ask for another convenient time, and fix a time and date to talk.  

Here is a solar telemarketing script for busy prospects who have limited time.


‘’You: Hi [Prospect Client’s Name], I’m [calling agent’s name] from the Calling Agency. We’re helping homeowners in your area significantly reduce their energy bills with solar energy. It’s quick to install and offers substantial savings. Do you have a minute to discuss if this could work for you?

Potential Client: I’m swamped right now.‘’

Respect Their Time and Arrange Follow-Up

‘’You: I completely understand. Let’s find a better time. We can cover the essentials in just a 10-minute call. Could I schedule a quick follow-up when it’s convenient for you? Perhaps later today or tomorrow?’’

After fixing the appointment, be brief in your closing statement to respect your calling parties’ limited time.


‘’You: Thank you for your time, [Prospect Customer’s Name]. I’ll follow up with the details, and we can chat at a time that’s convenient for you. Have a great day.’’

This follow-up solar script is designed to respect the prospect’s time constraints while providing a clear and compelling reason for them to consider your services.

8. The Prospect Needs Time To Decide

You will often encounter a situation where your prospect, understandably, needs time to decide. This is because the decision to install solar panels can involve a significant financial commitment. 

Thus, handling a prospect needing time to decide during a cold call is delicate. This requires patience, tact, and the right approach to encourage a decision without appearing too pushy.

Below, we have outlined a solar appointment setter script suited for such a scenario after a brief introduction:


‘’Prospective Client: I know going solar is good for me and my home, but I need more time to decide.

You: I understand you’re considering solar solutions and need time to consider them. It’s a big decision, and it’s important to ensure it’s the right fit for your home and budget.

Prospective Client: Yes, I just need a bit more time to think it over.’’

Provide Additional Information

‘’You: Absolutely, and I want to ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident in your decision. Perhaps I can send additional details about the benefits and savings our other customers have experienced. Would that be helpful?

Prospective Client: That would be great, thanks.’’

Book a followup:

‘’You: Perfect, I’ll send that information right over to you. Also, I’m here to answer any questions that might come up as you review it. How about I check in next week to see if you have any questions or if there’s anything more you’d like to know?

Prospective Client: Next week works for me.’’


‘’You: Great! I’ll schedule a follow-up call for next week. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out if you think of anything or decide earlier. Thank you for considering Calling Agency, [prospective client’s Name]. I look forward to our next conversation.’’

This script is designed to nurture the solar lead generation through patience and helpfulness. Engaging and providing the prospect with the necessary space to make a decision while keeping them engaged with your company is crucial.

9. Concern About Installation Process

There are instances where a prospective client is concerned about the installation process since mishaps and accidents can occur and damage their building’s roof. 

When a prospect expresses concerns about the installation process during a cold call, it is crucial to address them clearly and confidently. This can help alleviate anxiety and build trust.

After the brief introduction, we have outlined a solar sales script best suited for this scenario. 


‘’You: I understand you have concerns about the solar panel installation process. It’s normal to have questions about this, and I’m here to provide you with all the information you need. Can you tell me what specifically concerns you?

Prospective Client: I’m just worried about the mess, the time it will take, the permit, and other things.”

Address those concern

‘’You: That’s a common concern, and I’m glad you brought it up. Our installation process is designed to be as smooth and non-intrusive as possible. Depending on the complexity and size of your roof, the installation is typically completed within a day. Our expert technicians ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.’’

Provide additional information

‘’Our team handles everything from initial assessments and obtaining necessary permits to the final installation and cleanup. ‘’

Address further concerns

‘’You: Do you have any other concerns?

Prospective Client: What about the quality and reliability?

You: Great question! We use only the highest-quality panels with a 25-year warranty. Our installers are certified and experienced professionals who adhere to the strictest industry standards to ensure everything is set up correctly and efficiently. 

After installation, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection to guarantee that your system is optimized for performance and safety. Our teams also perform routine maintenance, ensuring your system runs at optimum efficiency.’’

Provide them with details:

‘’You: Would it help if I sent you detailed information on the installation process, including timelines and what to expect on installation day?

Prospective Clients: That sounds reassuring. Yes, that would be helpful.’’

Offer them a free assessment

‘’You: Perfect; I’ll send that over to you right away. Also, how about we schedule a no-obligation consultation? We can assess your property, discuss the installation in detail, and provide a personalized quote. How does that sound?

Prospective Client: Les, let’s do that ‘’


‘’You: Fantastic! I’ll set up an appointment for our specialist to visit your place. We’re looking forward to helping you transition to clean energy smoothly. Thank you for considering us, and have a wonderful day!’’

This script is designed to convert concern into confidence by clearly addressing the prospect’s fears. Your script must also provide reassuring information and maintain engagement with the prospect.

10. The Prospect Believes Their Home May Not Be Suitable For Solar

Many homeowners believe that their space is not suitable for solar panels. When a prospect expresses doubts about the suitability of solar panels in their home during a cold call, it is essential to provide comfort and clarify their concerns with a professional assessment. A good solar cold-calling script should contain details to address these concerns. 

Below, we have outlined a detailed solar appointment setter pitch for those homeowners who believe their home may need to be more suitable for solar after a brief introduction. 


‘’You:  I understand your concerns about whether your home is suitable for solar panels. It’s a common concern, and I’m here to help clarify any uncertainties. Could you share what specific concerns you have about its suitability?

Prospective Customer: I’m not sure if my roof orientation and shades will be able to catch enough sunlight.’’

Address the concern:

‘’You: Thank you for sharing that, [Prospect’s Name]. Those are very important considerations. We offer a complimentary home solar assessment, in which our experts evaluate factors like roof strength, orientation, and shading to ensure that your home is a good candidate for solar energy.’’

Call to Action

‘’You: How about we schedule a visit from one of our solar consultants who can assess your home in person and provide a detailed feasibility report?

Prospective customer: that sounds good. ‘’


‘’You: Great, I’ve got that scheduled. I’ll send a confirmation email right away. Thank you for considering solar energy, [Prospect’s Name].’’

This script is designed to address the concerns with expertise, offering a clear path to discovering the possibilities. This script helps convert uncertainty into potential interest and action.

11. The Prospect Is Motivated By Environmental Benefits

Due to the rise of environmental sustainability, more and more homeowners are motivated by the environmental benefits of solar products. In such cold-calling scripts, it is important to tailor your solar script to emphasize the ecological advantages of solar energy. 

Below, we have outlined a clear script for such a scenario after a brief introduction:


‘’You: I see that you’re interested in the environment; I wanted to know if you’ve considered solar power.  It’s a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and positively impact our planet. 

Prospective Customer: I’m interested in doing my part for the planet to reduce my carbon footprint. 

You: That’s wonderful to hear and exactly in line with our mission. By choosing our solar energy, you’re significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Every solar panel installed decreases the reliance on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. ‘’

Call to Action

‘’You: We offer free consultations to see if solar is a good fit for your home and how much you could save on your electricity bills while helping the environment. This could not only help the environment but potentially reduce your utility bills substantially. Would you be interested in scheduling a time for this free evaluation?’’

Prospective Customer: Fantastic! I can arrange for our specialist to visit and perform a detailed assessment. What day and time would work best for you?


‘’Great, I’ve set that up for [Day and Time]. I’ll send a confirmation email with all the details. Thank you for choosing to make a difference, [Prospective customer’s  Name]. We’re excited to help you contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. Have a great day!’’

This solar sales pitch script is designed for those customers who are enthusiastic about helping the planet make a better world.

12. Objection Handling Scripts

In any sales call, handling objections effectively is crucial for successful solar lead generators. Below, we have customized a solar panel telemarketing script that can help you to tackle some common objections during a sales call. 

Case 1: Prospective Customer: I can’t afford solar right now.

‘’You: I understand the concern about costs it is quite common. What’s great about solar now is the variety of financing options available, including leases and loans that require no upfront costs. 

Plus, the savings on electricity bills can offset the payment, making it financially manageable. Would it be helpful if I sent you some information on our financing plans and a breakdown of potential savings?’’

Case 2: Prospective Customer: I’m not sure my roof is suitable for solar panels

‘’You: That’s a valid concern and something we check in our initial free assessment. Our team looks at roof condition, orientation, and shading before recommending solar. 

Sometimes, we find solutions like ground-mounted panels if the roof isn’t ideal. How about we schedule a no-obligation assessment to get clear answers for your specific situation?’’

Case 3: Prospective Customer: I’ve heard solar panels require a lot of maintenance.

‘’You: Absolutely not! They’re designed to withstand the elements, and any significant issues are covered under warranty.

Most of the time, rain keeps them clean, but we also offer affordable maintenance packages for peace of mind. Can I provide more details on how we ensure the longevity and efficiency of your solar installation projects?’’

Case 4: Prospective Customer: I’m worried about the installation process.

‘’You: I completely understand that. Our goal is to make the installation process as smooth and non-intrusive as possible. We handle everything from permits to the final inspection.

We ensure that the installation is quick and efficient, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. How about I detail the steps involved for you, so you know exactly what to expect?”

Case 5: Prospective Customer: How reliable is solar power, especially at night or on cloudy days?”

‘’You: That’s a common concern. While solar panels do need sunlight to generate power, any excess energy produced during the day is stored or sent back to the grid. 

This means you can use that energy at night or buy power from the grid when it’s cloudy, often at a lower cost, thanks to net metering. We can also explore battery storage options, which store energy for use anytime. Would you like more information on how energy storage could work for you?’’

Handling objections with empathy and confidence is crucial for a good cold-calling script. A caller shield listens, acknowledges, and answers relevant questions about the prospect’s concern. They should also offer resources and focus on the benefits of solar energy to overcome those concerns. Furthermore, we suggest being polite and professional in those solar cold-calling strategies for appointment setters.

13. Offer A Free Consultation

Offering a free consultation during a solar cold calling session is a strategic way to engage a prospect’s interest. This free consultation helps guide them toward taking a substantial step in the solar installation process.

After a brief introduction and engaging with the customer, you can offer your potential customer a free in-person appointment and consultation service. During this service, you can outline the benefits of solar energy and how your solar company can assist, as well as encourage them to buy your solar products. 

In those calls, your well-written script needs to highlight the consultation’s no-cost, no-obligation nature. Emphasize the personalized aspect of the consultation, making it clear that the information will be specific to their home and needs. 

They should also show a willingness to accommodate the prospect’s schedule, making it easy for them to say yes. 

14. Follow Up Scripts

Follow-up calls are a crucial part of the sales process. In industries like solar energy, where decisions often require consideration and consultation, you may need to follow up multiple times to sell your solar products to potential customers

Below, we have outlined a simple, effective follow-up script tailored to the situation. 


‘’You: Hello, [Prospective customer’s Name], this is [Calling Agent Name] again from Calling Agency. I hope you’re doing well today. 

You: Last time we spoke, you expressed some interest in our solar solutions, and I sent you some information regarding our products and the benefits of going solar. Have you had a chance to look over that information?’’


‘’Prospective Clients: Yes, I’ve looked at it, but I haven’t decided yet.

You: I completely understand—it’s a big decision, and I am not one to rush. Would it be helpful if we could schedule a free consultation with one of our experts and provide you with a detailed assessment? We want to ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident about your decision.

Prospective Clients: Yes, That would be great.’’


‘’ You: Great, how does [suggest a date and time] work for you?

Prospective Client: Yes, That would work,

You: Perfect, I’ve scheduled our expert for [confirmed date and time]. They will be in touch soon to confirm the details. Thank you, [Prospect’s Name], for considering solar energy.’’

In this type of scenario, you are required to bring a personalized approach to your caller. Be respectful and non-hasty, always be flexible and supportive, and convey confidence and reassurance that their concerns can be effectively managed, which can help reduce decision-making anxiety. 

Final Verdict

Setting up solar panels and generating electricity requires significant upfront costs for residential and industrial sectors. Still, the return on investment is immense over time, and therefore selling solar products through cold calling has brought remarkable success for solar businesses. 

Having 11+ years of experience in telemarketing and selling a variety of solar products through telemarketing, we understand that there is no alternative to having the best solar script to close the deal.

Writing a good sales script requires tactics and understanding the other parties’ moods and sentiments. In this article, we have scripted the 14 most common solar cold-calling scripts for you to analyze so that you can achieve remarkable success in your cold-calling.

For more information, you can always contact the Calling Agency. They have a dedicated team of telemarketing experts who have decades of experience selling solar products across the United States. With their extensive experience in effective solar appointment setting scripts, you are destined to bring success to your company.

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