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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Cold Call?

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Cold Call

The success of cold calling significantly depends on timing. So, when is the best time of day to cold call? Research suggests that the optimal time for cold calling is late morning, between 10 to 11 am, and late afternoon, between 4 to 5 pm.

Cold calling sales techniques help sales representatives reach potential customers they’ve never interacted with before in hopes of getting them interested in their product or service. It’s a challenging task to execute successfully.

But it can bring excellent results in response rates if you can pick the best times to call prospects. Cold-calling prospects at the best time are 71% more effective in booking meetings than calling at unfavorable hours.

Let’s learn more about the best day of the week and the best time of day to make cold calls.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Cold Calls?

The Best Time of Day to Cold Call

Cold calling is one of the most effective direct communication approaches of telemarketing services. Sales reps play a vital role in this sales process. Businesses use the cold calling strategy to reach out and attract new prospects. Cold calling is important in business because it helps increase sales, accuracy, and reliability.

However, cold calling has a lower success rate than other sales techniques. So, does cold calling really work in sales? Yes, cold calling works for sales if you determine the best time to make sales calls.

The best time for sales calls is when people are less likely to be busy. The most productive time for cold calling is late morning, specifically between 10 am and 11 am. Most professionals have started their day in the late mornings and are more open to disruptions. They’re also more likely to be at their desks, increasing the chances of your call being answered.

Late afternoon, mainly between 4 and 5 pm, is another optimal time to reach key decision-makers. This period is closely followed by the time slots of 3 to 4 pm and 5 to 6 pm. At these times, people are wrapping up for the day and maybe more receptive to phone calls.

The best time to cold call can vary depending on the industry, target audience, and location. Therefore, conducting research and analyzing data is essential to determine the best time to make cold calls for your specific business.

Best time to make calls

The Best Day of Cold Cold For Sales

The Best Day to Cold Call

Regarding the best days to cold call, mid-week days, specifically Wednesday and Thursday, are considered the most effective. By the middle of the week, people have had enough time to settle into their working week and take care of pressing matters without your cold call feeling like an interruption.

While Wednesday is generally the best day to cold call potential customers, it’s important to note that this can vary depending on your target market. For instance, some sales professionals in B2C industries like real estate, retail, and hospitality find that weekends are a great time to connect with their prospects.

Best days to make calls

Meanwhile, Thursday is the best day to prospect, followed by Wednesday at second. The contact rates on Thursdays are slightly higher than on Wednesdays. Cold callers are able to make contacts from their first dials more successfully on Thursdays and Wednesdays compared to other days.

So, Wednesday is the best day for cold calling, and Thursday is the best time to call prospects. So, you should consider Thursdays as the best time to call leads and Wednesdays as the best time to cold call real estate, retail, insurance, or other B2C industry professionals.

Best days to make contact

When is the Worst Time Of Day For Cold Calls?

The worst time for cold calling is when people are most likely busy. The hours between 11 am and 2 pm are the worst as most working professionals are busy with tasks during this time and are unlikely to begin new ones.

Early mornings can also be challenging as prospects are just starting their day and may not be ready to engage in a sales conversation. Morning calls usually don’t result in successful cold calls.

Lunch hours are also the worst time to cold call as professionals are on their lunch breaks and very unlikely to spend their time listening to your pitch.

Furthermore, cold calling prospects after work hours are not the best time to cold call. Call attempts during someone’s family dinner or downtime will create a terrible first impression. Knowing the best time to cold call and when it is not is crucial for sales reps to improve cold calling skills and increase sales.

Which Days Should You Avoid For Cold Calling?

The days to avoid cold calling are typically Monday and Friday. On Mondays, people transition into work mode and plan their upcoming week. On Fridays, they are usually gearing up for the weekend and may not be interested in starting a relationship with a salesperson. Sales agents should avoid calling during Friday’s second half, even for a warm lead.

Additionally, weekends should generally be avoided as cold call hours. Most prospects are busy with their personal lives and not focused on work on the off days. Also, your cold calls will mostly go to your prospect’s voicemail if you call during the weekends.

Moreover, cold calling and interrupting prospects on federal holidays, namely Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Memorial Day, or Christmas, will make your sales representatives look out of touch and desperate. It can harm your brand reputation. Therefore, these days aren’t the best time to make a sales call.

Final Thought

The timing of the calls mostly influences the success of cold calling services. By choosing the right time of day and the correct day of the week, you can increase your chances of reaching your prospects and having productive conversations.

However, it’s essential to remember that these are general guidelines, and the best time for cold calling can vary depending on your specific target market and their unique schedules and routines.

The best time for cold calls can’t always guarantee cold calling success for your business. Every prospect will respond differently depending on various factors beyond your control. So, besides the best cold calling hours and days, you should test and adopt other sales strategies for cold calling to find the ones that work best for your business.

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